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Winter garden landscaping ideas

Posted on Nov 3, 2017

When you think of landscaping your garden, it’s natural to think of the summer months and how you can make your garden look its best while you’re able to get out and enjoy it. But, you might be surprised to hear that landscape gardeners are also pretty busy during those colder months too.

And, winter landscaping isn’t as hard to get right as you might expect. There are quite a lot of options when it comes to creating a beautiful winter garden and we’ve got some of our favourites to share.

“Getting your garden ready for winter doesn’t just have to be about tidying it up and putting things away, ready to be used in the spring time,” said Nationwide skip hire, Proskips. “Making it look good during the winter months can be as enjoyable and rewarding as doing so during the summer.”


Evergreen plants are a natural fit for winter landscaping. And, they don’t just come in green! There are a variety of colours, including yellows and more golden leaves too, which is a great way to add a variety of colour to your garden.


Berries are another obvious choice for winter landscaping. But, they’re so bright and pretty that it’s a lovely plant or bush to add to any garden. It will attract some wildlife too, which is perfect for those of you who want to keep encouraging garden visitors, even during the cold months.


Adding trees to your garden might not seem like the most obvious thing to do. However, it’s something that will grow and change, so each year it will add something new to your garden – in the summer and winter. Also, there are some great smaller ornamental trees around that could be planted and displayed in an interesting planter such as a wheelbarrow or attractive tub. It makes a fun focal point and can be more easily moved around, too.

“Finding something that will last for longer than a season is a great way to improve your garden and make it more attractive during all seasons,” said You Choose Windows “Plants and trees that will pass the test of time will help your garden look lovely but different, from year-to-year.”

Keep that beautiful landscape clear

Once you’ve selected your plants, shrubs and trees for your winter landscaping plans, it’s still important to keep on top of your garden, so it’s looking tidy and clear. That way, you can really enjoy the new landscaping additions.

Jobs to complete during the autumn and winter include:

  • Mending any fences, big and small.
  • Keep on top of pruning your trees and shrubs so they’re ready for that spring regrowth.
  • Regularly clear away fallen leaves.
  • Ensure you grit your paths on those icy days when you need to go into your garden.

“Gardening doesn’t end when the cold weather appears, in fact, there are still quite a few jobs to keep you busy,” said Property Division. “If you put the work in over the winter months, you’ll reap the rewards when it begins to warm up and your garden is clear and ready for the next season.”

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