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Three Splendid Ideas for Creating a Theme Garden

Posted on May 25, 2015

If you have a backyard you will definitely want to use its potential and transform it into a little piece of paradise reflecting your personal style and preferences. If you put some effort and creativity into it, you can turn your backyard into a place that will become your oasis and a kind of a sanctuary to enjoy and relax. There are so many possibilities you could consider in planning how to organize it and what landscape designs and ideas to use. Here are some of them.

Initial Considerations

When you plan a garden design you could consider following a certain style or theme when it comes to its decoration. This time we’re going to focus on three particular themes: tropical, contemporary or desert. Before opting for one of the themes you should think about the climate in your area and the quality of the soil. If you have a lot of rain tropical garden would be perfect, but a desert garden wouldn’t be such a success. For continental climate with stable weather the European or contemporary style garden would be the right choice.

Contemporary Theme

The theme incorporates modern design in your garden has become increasingly popular in recent year. It is perfect if you have a small and compact backyard. Clean design lines are used and hard landscaping materials such as hardwood, stone or rendered walls. You could choose two types of plants and distribute them across the entire garden, and planting a lot of grass is an excellent choice. Lighting is an important part of every garden, and you could use modern LED lights on the edges of pavements and walls. In a recent chat with the people from Wintons Teak, I learned that the carefully chosen pieces of contemporary outdoor furniture could be used to add a perfect final touch to your state-of-the-art outdoor setting.

Tropical theme

A tropical garden could become a perfect retreat and you will feel like having a piece of exotic paradise in your backyard. Stepping into your garden will feel like going on a holiday to Haiti or some other tropical island. You could incorporate a tiki bar with thatched roof and bar chairs into your garden and enjoy cocktail nights with your friends in an authentic tropical surrounding. You could also consider a wooden pergola for all those hanging flowers and plants and a great idea is to hang a couple of patio chairs on it for those moments of perfect relaxation.

Desert Theme

A desert garden can be an excellent choice for your backyard because it is an interesting and original concept and it doesn’t demand high maintenance. You should consider planting drought–tolerant plants such as succulents, bushes, cacti and other plants that naturally grow in the desert environment.  A good idea is to use artificial grass instead of the natural because it doesn’t need great quantities of water. Use a lot of rocks and pavings because you will achieve that authentic desert look.  Avoid dark and black materials with decoration and furniture because your garden will become too warm, since dark colors attract the heat of the sun.

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