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The stunning Orchids

Posted on Jun 29, 2006

The orchids come in different colors. All the wild orchids have six floral leaves. When viewed from certain angle orchids can look like bees, frogs, butterflies or moths. One of the floral leaves can be pouch shaped or it can also have a fringed banner shape.

Spring Orchis flourish in moist woods. It grows well beneath hemlocks. Its botanical name is Orchis spectabilis. It flowers from April to June. It is mostly found in the southern states. It is also seen in Nebraska in the west. The flower is also known as The Showy. The plant is known for producing thick purplish pink colored flowers. The flowers come in both light and deep shades and can be six inches long. These nicely scented flowers also have a white rim. The plant can be anywhere between four and twelve inches in length. It has a fleshy, thick stem which is five sided. The plant has big leaves which are oval in shape. Leaves have a glistening green top and a silvery underside. It also has a one inch long seed pod.

Indian Pink or Arethusa bulbosa is another orchid whose smell resembles violets. The flower grows in swamps and northern bogs. It flowers from May to June. This plant has a single purple pink colored flower which can be up to two inches in length. It has a single leaf which hides until the flower blossoms. Once the flower blooms, the leaf grows up to six inches. It has a one inch long seed capsule which is ridged. The capsule generally does not mature. This flower is found in Northward, Indiana and North Carolina.

Sweet Pogonia Orchid or The Rose is known for its rose pink colored flowers. The scented flowers are about one inch in length and smell like red raspberries. This flower grows in meadows and swamps. It starts to flower from the month of June and flowers till July. The flower grows all over from Canada till Florida. It’s also found in Kansas in the west. The plant produces a single flower that can be eight to fifteen inches in length.

Calypso or Calypso bulbosa is another charming orchid which starts flowering from May and flowers till June. It’s a small, single flower which is found all over from the Northern United States and Canada till California. It’s found till Arizona in the south. The flower in not more than six inches in length and it remains concealed in the moss. The flower is rose purple in color and it has sharp, thin sepals. There is a whitish lip which is sac shaped and petals are clustered at the top of this large lip. The whitish lip is divided into two portions, a hazy part which has a scrap of yellow hairs and a big blotched part with cinnamon brown.

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