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The Beautiful Evergreen Trees and Shrubs

Posted on Sep 21, 2006

A variety of shrubs are found all over the world and certain names will stand out as new and unusual. Both evergreen and deciduous varieties are available to use and make your own garden more beautiful!

The most common variety of evergreen shrubs is Rhododendron. Azaleas are also a type of Rhododendron. This shrub has almost 700 species. They have flowers of different colours and shapes. These plants have a long life. The most popular variety is the Rhododendron which has large pink flowers. Pink pearl is also a popular variety. Some hybrid species are also found like the Everestianum (purple), the Lady Armstrong and Abraham Lincoln (pink), the Caractacus (red) and Boule de neige (white).

Rhododendron doesn’t survive well in limey soil. Provide good amount of humus to save it from the winter burns. Azaleas also require the same climatic condition as Rhododendron for their survival. Azaleas grow well in thin woodlands. Both Rhododendron and Azaleas are used for foundation planting. The Azalea Malus has beautiful yellow and orange coloured flowers.

Another common shrub is the Boxwood. However they don’t survive well in chilly winter months. It comes in various shaped and sizes. It can grow up to a height of twenty feet. It’s a commonly used for walks and paths.

A number of shrubs are used for foundation planting and one such shrub is Laurel. The American mountain variety of this plant has pink coloured flowers.

Euonymus paten is another evergreen shrub. It has red berries and shiny green leaves. Some popular holly shrubs are inkberry or Japanese holly.

Pachysandra covers places where grass is difficult to grow. Lilac is one of the most popular deciduous shrubs. However make sure that it’s grafted either on privet stock or its own stock when you buy it. You should not delay planting this plant.

The most popular variety of iliac is the common iliac. It can grow up to a height of ten feet and it has light purple colored flowers. There are around hundreds of varieties of iliac like pinkish-lilac, bluish-lilac, reddish-lilac and whitish iliac.

The butterfly bush or Buddleia can grow up to 16 feet in length. It’s known as the butterfly bush because butterflies keep on hovering around it during the summer months. It comes if different forms such as flaming violet, a cattleya-pink bush, a brilliant purple and a dwarf variety. Some more varieties are the dubonnet, the Empire blue shrub, the white cloud and the red glory.

Japanese quince has orange-scarlet coloured flowers and it can attain a height of six feet. The flowers resemble rose and they flower in spring season.

Deutzia is a shrub which grows easily. There are several varieties of this shrub like the pink deutzia which is up to 3 feet in length. It has big double white coloured flowers. Deutzia Lemoinei has big pure white flowers.

There are several other shrubs like the dwarf buckeye which has 12 inches long spike. It flowers in the month of July. Broom is another shrub which blooms in the months of June and July. It grows well in sandy soil. The chokeberry bush is known for its decorative fruit. The witch hazel can grow up to twenty feet. It has yellow coloured flowers.

Forsythia doesn’t need much attention. It has yellow coloured flowers. It is used to soften the lining walls.

Hibiscus can have purple, pink and white coloured flowers. It flowers in the month of August. It can obtain a height of 12 feet. Hydrangea is yet another shrub which blooms in the months of July and August. The shrub has globe shaped blue coloured clusters.

Honeysuckle flowers in the months of February and March. The bushes are used in mass planting.

Many varieties of spirea are used for screen plantings. This is so because the plant has abundant flowering and dense growth. Waterer spirea is a bush which can grow up to 2 feet. It has rose pink or white coloured clusters. Bridal wreath blooms in the month of May and it has white clusters. Spirea Thunbergii produces white coloured flowers whereas Spirea Vanhouttei has dense white flowers. It can reach a height of 8 feet. It is used as a living fence.

Viburnum attains a height of 12 feet when it fully matures. It is commonly known as the popular snowball. It is used for hedges, foundation and screening. It has snow ball shaped white coloured flowers. Its foliage becomes crimson during fall.

Weigela is also quite popular. It has several varieties like the variegated weigela, variegated silvery leaf and a dwarf shrub with rose flowers. Weigela rosea is another variety which has rosy coloured flowers. The flowers are shaped like a trumpet. There is also the cardinal shrub.

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