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The art of landscape gardening

Posted on Aug 7, 2006

You can go for landscape gardening to make your garden perfect. Just like a good painting, landscape gardening should also have a central idea. The rest of the things should be arranged accordingly. Landscape gardening mainly consists of the gardener’s idea as to what be actually desires in his garden. You should have a wide lawn space. To add a touch of space to smaller grounds you must keep open lawn spaces. If you cover the lawn space with tress and flower beds then it will give a fussy and choppy appearance. So you should not go over board with things. You can just have a single tree or a small group of trees. However remember not to place the tress in the centre of the lawn. They should make up the background.

Don’t choose tress randomly. You should keep certain points in your mind when you are choosing a tree for your garden. Don’t go for an overriding tree. Select a tree which is good in shape and it should have an attractive bark, flowers, fruit or leaves. The poplar is a quick grower which sheds its leaves early. So before the fall is old, it is left standing ugly and bare. However rows of Lombardy poplars can be quite effective at some places though a single polar is of no use. You can also choose catalpa which has broad leaves and attractive flowers. To make it look lovelier, its seed pods cling to it till winter. There are a number of options to choose from. You can go for the bright berries of the ash or the blossoms of the tulip tree. The leaves of the copper beech and the bark of the white birch is equally attractive.

Place also plays an important role in deciding the tree. Go for a willow if the lower ground is wet and moist. Don’t plant a number of tress together. Never put a long polar and a tulip tree together. They don’t look nice together. Chestnut and a juniper don’t make a good combination. So while choosing trees, you should pay attention to their proportion. Tress must suit each other.

Never plants evergreen trees near to a house or in front of the yard. These trees give a gloomy appearance to the house. The house looks dark and depressing. Adequate sunlight should be present in a house and such tress does not allow sun rays to reach the house. So it’s unhealthy also!

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