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The 3 Best Ways to Break Your Garage Door

Posted on Aug 29, 2013

Not that you would ever intentionally break your own garage door, but more damage is caused to the garage door by the owner than any thief. People bend the doors, the rails; snap the chains on the opener and burn out the motor in the openers on a regular basis. If you have small children, the risk is less of them getting hurt by a closing door then the door getting bent because it has become the backstop for a basketball game. Here are the 3 best ways to break your garage door, and how to avoid them.

#1 – Just drive through it

The classic story is of the son or daughter getting their driver’s license and on the first day out, driving through the garage door. Another one is when someone forgets to wait for the door to open all the way and drives into the bottom of it as it is rising. The number one reason that garage doors break is that their owners have driven through them. If no a direct drive through, then it is whatever is attached to the luggage rack clipping the door as it is going up that causes the damage. The damage is never just to the door, but the rails get bent as well. There is no easy cure for this beyond learning to pay close attention at all times and to learn to wait for the door to completely open before entering or leaving the garage.  ‘Course if people start doing that Texas Overhead Door may go out of business.

#2 – Set the manual and use the automatic

Almost all garage doors, whether they are manual or automatic, have an inside manual lock. The lock is a form of swing down handle that pushes a locking bar into place across the width of the door, securing it to the frame formed by the garage rails. One of the most common security suggestions is to padlock this manual handle into the locked position when you are away on a vacation. The problem that occurs is most people, having just flown in from far away and gotten their car back from long term parking, are too tired to remember that the door is padlocked shut and they trigger the automatic door opener when they arrive home. This causes either the frame to bend, the chain to break or the motor on the opener to burn out. You are certain to be calling a garage door contractor on this one. The best way to avoid having this happen to you is to put a note on your remote that you leave in the car to remind you when you are tired not to use it.

#3 – The Extension Ladder

Garages often perform double duty as workshops and storage sheds. There are hundreds of adapters and shelving units you can buy that allow you to maximize the space around the car. One of the most common items to be stored in a garage and to cause the most damage to the garage door is the extension ladder. While most homeowners can get the ladder up and down off its storage hooks with a minimal of trouble, it is then walking it through the garage that becomes a problem. People often try to turn around with the ladder inside the garage, hitting the garage door, bending the railings and taking out the windows as well. The best way to avoid this is to walk the ladder completely out of the garage before turning or raising it.

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