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How to Shield Your Garden from Prying Eyes

Posted on Aug 28, 2015

You have a gorgeous yard which is your personal retreat after a hard working day, but you don’t really feel comfortable when you know that your dear neighbour has that bad habit to peek through your fence. If this is the situation which sometimes ruins your relaxation time in the backyard, then it’s the right time to think about making your yard more private and reserved just for your eyes. Solutions for that are numerous, from some pretty inspiring ways to hide your backyard oasis to options that are simple and practical. Check out some of them:

Grow a lush hedge

Not only that a dense hedge can block the unwanted views, but it can also serve as divine natural backdrop for your yard and perfect match with other plants you have in there. There is a wide range of different hedges you can consider, but most people usually decide for deciduous and evergreen ones, since they are amazingly thick and very easy to maintain. Hedges create beautiful cohesion with dense trees, decorative shrubberies and blossoming plants, such as roses, so you are free to combine all of them into vivid natural protection for your yard.

beautiful hedge

Set a nice outdoor privacy screen

Outdoor privacy screens are probably the easiest thing you can do in order to hide your backyard nook from annoying observers. They are movable, and as such, an ideal solution if you’re often changing the place where you’re sitting, but they are also great for small unprotected areas within the yard. Some privacy screens can be easily made at home, so you can consider making rustic screen of wattles or the one with vivid canvas.

Wall cladding by Sareen Stone
Image source

Install an attractive wall

If you have a spatial yard with a pool and comfy sitting nook included, building a nicely designed outdoor wall may be the perfect solution for you. You can apply various designs to your backyard wall, where exterior wall cladding style is the best way to go, since it allows anything from rustic brick surfaces and natural stone covers to modern combinations of different materials. Outdoor walls designed in this way can add a stylish note to your yard and high level of privacy.

garden wall and a secret garden

Include outdoor curtains

Beautifully designed, non-translucent outdoor curtains are excellent for all homeowners who would like to hide their private retreats and add a bunch of style to them. You can attach them on the ceiling beams of your balcony, above a comfy outdoor bed or around leisure sitting nook placed in the middle of your yard. The curtains won’t just increase privacy in your yard, but will also make a pleasant shade during the hot summer day. If you’re living within an area susceptible to rainy days during the summer, variously designed shade sails may be a great alternative to curtains, since they can cover large patio areas and offer tremendous protection from sun, rain and of course unpleasant sights.


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Final word

Yards and gardens are the places in which we like to share moments with others, but we also want to keep them peaceful, secluded and only ours piece of heaven, which is, if you use your creativity and the above ideas, very simple and achievable.

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