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Several Hacks for Keeping Your Garden Pest-Free

Posted on Jun 29, 2015

Keeping a clean, green garden is about more than just making the surroundings of your home look nicer. For some people, gardening is a way of life. The very notion of it represents to them a patient and gradual construction of a natural haven, an oasis of nature in which they could retreat from time to time in this era of concrete, glass and cold steel. Still, constructing the garden of your dreams is about more than just picking the right shrubs.

The right choice of right herbs, plants and shrubs for your garden is only the first step towards the goal of creating a perfect garden. The most difficult and lengthy part in maintaining your private outdoor paradise in an immaculate state is keeping it pest-free. With this in mind, here are few advices on how to protect your garden from any expected or unexpected intruders.

Properly Prepare for Action

Instead of just resorting to chemicals right away, why not try a bit more alternative and revolutionary approach? Assume just for a second that your garden is the battlefield and that the parasites and pests are invaders. What you need now is to make sure that you place your troops in a way that will guarantee your victory. Luckily for you, in practice, this example is actually quite applicable to your garden.

Let Your Plants Work for You

There are some plants and herbs that simply serve as natural pest-repellents and could in this way be utilized as a protective layer between your garden and those elements which would do it wrong. This of course does not mean that you should replace all your favorite growth with the pest repellant one, only that you can combine the two of them to achieve the same effect. For example, some use chamomile or spinach, which with either their strong taste, smell or their look completely naturally repel pests and other known garden-invaders.

Go for Natural Pesticides

The most important thing to mention here is that, no matter how loudly some people might speak against it, the simple truth is that you simply cannot keep your garden completely pest free without the use of pesticides. What you can do here is chose the right pesticides that will guarantee that there is no permanent damage to the soil and your other plants as well as that there is no danger to your health or that of your family.

There is wide array of natural pesticides out there for you to choose and here as well, the health and wellbeing of your garden, quality is the key. Always buy your pesticides from a renowned and reliable supplier and this will ensure that you opt for quality pest control products for your beloved garden.


Make it Less Appealing to the Intruders

The fact that everyone with a garden must be aware of is what the things that attracts pests are. First of all, pests thrive in the messy and unattended garden. Leftovers from other plants such as leaves or old roots are the things that you should most definitely avoid leaving unattended seen as they are the major cause for the presence of pests in your garden. Keep your garden neat at all times and in this way significantly reduce the risk of pets appearing in it.

A great idea for how to repel these nasty creatures in a completely natural way would be to add some coffee to the mix. Coffee grounds are not only a greatest slug repellent there is but can also add a bit more of acidity to the soil, which some of your garden plants just might desperately need. This simple yet elegant solution can ensure that your garden is partially pest free, without adding toxicity and harmful matters for your plants or the soil beneath them. It simply doesn’t get any better.

When it comes to constructing your garden, seeking an easy way out is usually not the most recommendable course of action. Try to find all the natural solutions to your nature-caused pest issues and you will surely be quite content with the results. This way, all the love and care that you invested in your garden is bound to be returned to you many times over.

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