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Seasonal Clean-up for your Garden and Patio

Posted on Dec 11, 2015

The usual times of the year when special attention is given to gardens and patios are early spring and late autumn. This is understandable since they are the closest ones to winter, a season that brings the most severe climate changes. However, this does not mean that your garden and patio should not be addressed in the remaining seasons as well. Each of them requires preparatory work for the following season. Let us discuss all four seasons and the necessary clean-up actions.  

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Although winter is a season with the least time spent in garden and patio you should not make a pause in maintenance all through the end of it. Remember, the work you do in winter will make your overwhelming spring cleaning easier. Regularly inspect and maintain all paths and walkways and especially your patio floor to keep them in clean condition. This prevents structural damage that dirt and debris cause if they are unattended and allowed to build up. Regularly inspect all your outdoor plumbing as well and clean any frost or snow accumulated to prevent cracks and other serious damage.


Early spring is the time of the year when everything in your garden starts to revive and it needs to be prepared for it. Clean all winter remnants, such as leaves and debris that imminently accumulated during harsh winter conditions. This is pruning time as well, make sure you removed everything after finishing it and remove old munch and refresh it. When it comes to patio, the experts from Pristine Home advice that special attention is given to cleaning balcony floor. It was rarely used and needs a thorough cleaning after harsh winter weather conditions. Finally, give your outdoor furniture a good rub as well, to remove all the dust and make it shine for spring and summer use.

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Being the time of the year when we spend most of our outdoor time, summer is the season when we want to do the least of clean-up work. This is quite understandable so let us concentrate on activities that require little time and effort but make a difference. Clean up after every mow and every prune you do to stop the insects thriving underneath the grass remains, keep your water surfaces clean and bright and regularly dust and wash your patio furniture and floor, they are used a lot in summer and require special attention.

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Autumn is without a doubt the season with most outside clean-up work. Here are the most important activities: all fallen leaves need to be collected and removed, as well as all dead plants and shrubs; all gardening tools cleaned, conserved and stored; patio furniture cleaned, stored inside or covered if it stays outside; permanent water systems, such as ponds and pools drained out and thoroughly cleaned to prevent freezing and cracking in cold winter areas. If you plan to cover the pool make sure the surface is thoroughly cleaned of all leaves and dirt before you do it.

Hopefully this information will emphasize the importance of continual throughout the year clean-up activities in keeping your garden and patio in great condition. Not only does it prevent the work from building up it makes them more presentable and long lasting.

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