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Rose Gardening

Posted on Aug 29, 2006

The essential tools for Rose Gardening! There are some tools which are essential for rose gardening. Given below is the list of such common tools which are used during rose gardening.

1. Pruners:

This tool is almost used daily for rose gardening. Tow varieties of pruners are available in the market. They are the ‘bypass’ and the ‘anvil’ pruners. The blades in bypass pruners cross each other as in scissors whereas the blades in anvil pruners meet on the top (of one another). However you must go for bypass pruners in order to avoid cutting stems and canes.

2. Long Handled Shovel

You should choose one with a strong handle. Go for the Lightweight models with fiberglass throats. You can also buy a padded handle model. Though it will cost you more, but it will eventually save you from blisters.

3. Loppers:

This tool become very important once the rose garden starts maturing. This tool is required for cutting the thick and old canes. However do not invest in this tool if you have just started with your rose garden. You can buy this tool later on.

4. Wheelbarrow:

You actually need a read wheelbarrow. Don’t buy the garden carts which look cute. There are plenty of things that you keep on moving in and out of your garden. Some of these items may be very heavy to carry and for such things you require a real wheelbarrow.

5. Kneeling Pads:

Different people prefer different types of kneeling pads. Some go for the big pads which are water resistant (8 inches by 15 inches) with handles while others may choose the strap on knee pads. The knees pads are obviously easy to use because they move along with you. However they are generally of one size and this may not go well with you. In such situations, you should go for the pads.

6. Gloves:

You must have leather gloves while you are working in the rose garden. Such gloves with big and fold down cuffs are ideal for protecting you from the thorns. Thin gloves are useless in rose gardens.

7. Short Garden Digging Fork:

You should buy which has a strong handle and steel forks. This tool is must for loosening the soil in small patches.

8. Garden Rake:

This tool is required for smoothing and leveling beds. It has sharp steel teeth which help in leveling the beds. You must go for the one which has steel tines and a strong handle.

9. Watering Wand:

This is a very good tool for watering potted roses. It is also equally good for root soaking other roses. You must buy the one with brass fittings. It will last longer than the plastic model. Get one with quick shutoff valve. It should also have a quick release fitting (that is for the end that plugs into the hose).

10. Leaf Rake:

This tool is used for clearing out the leaves, clippings and also all the other debris in the garden. You may buy a regular size rake or a smaller rake. The smaller rake or child size rake is especially useful for pulling debris from firm quarters.

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