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How to Properly Soundproof a Garden Shed

Posted on Apr 18, 2016

The experts for noise solutions we consulted told us they get a lot of requests similar to this: “We would like to transform our backyard shed into a room for music practice with our band.” The problem is, how can such space be properly soundproofed so that it doesn’t interfere with neighbours’ daily life? Also, the budget of these inquirers is more often than not modest and limited.

The plain answer is yes, but not without some difficulties. It is substantially determined by the time at your disposal, the money you wish to spend and the results you’re trying to accomplish. Effective sound isolation is unfortunately not a cheap endeavour. Basically, sticking several egg boxes or foam tiles to soundproof a wall in not all it takes. Avoid anyone offering such impromptu pell-mell solutions and check the referrals of the people you want to hire!

Expected noise

A common rock band with four members is usually creating noise levels that exceed 100 dB, but with it also comes the element of vibrating sensations and the noise of low frequency that is tough to diminish. For the area that demands adequate soundproofing for high noise readings, the key is in the mass, and a lot of it too.

The walls are not our only target, as the entire room needs a proper treatment. From the floor, ceiling to the doors and windows, it all demands special attention in terms of isolation. After all, what’s the point of wall insulation if the door is poorly and amateurishly sealed and the sound finds its way out?

A studio within a studio

If you’re hoping for the best results, we advise you to construct an isolated sound booth (a room inside a room). Opt for completely sealed steel-made module and combine the acoustic panels of different thickness to obtain the necessary sound attenuation.

The acoustic panels of top quality are supposed to have an SRI mark (sound reduction index) supporting their noise reducing characteristics, which enables us to make a more precise sound plan. For the excessive noise emitting employ the system that features double wall panels. This would match even the more rigorous requirements.


Predicted costs

Prices wise, make sure to agree on a total expenditure when you’re picking a modular system and the desired panels (select the right thickness). The benefit of this solution is its mobility, as you can dismantle, expand and reassemble it again at will.

However, applying acoustic treatment to an already existing space is a different story. Firstly, the costs of construction workers and the additional material can be considerable and generate unexpected costs surpassing the sum you intended to spend. Next, the whole place needs to be handled separately but still operate as one superbly isolated garden shed. Opt for renowned and trusted manufacturers, as well as seasoned workers to carry out the works.

Boost the effect

Windows can be quite troublesome when they’re outdated and worn out. The sound can escapes through numerous cracks and crevices much easier than you imagine. If retrofitting came to your mind, you should definitely take double glazing option into consideration. This method is widely known for its excellent room insulating properties, but what some people may not know, it prevents the noise spreading as well. You can achieve an effective noise reduction by 70% with double glazed fixtures. This affordable procedure tackles all three important criteria: minimal air infiltration, big insulating air buffer and sufficient weight that ousts vibrations.

Potential usage

We have thought about alternative usage of your freshly isolated garden shed, and here is our compilation:

  • (obviously) music studio and practice room
  • art studio (as painters and sculptors need a quiet environment to create)
  • mediation and yoga room
  • study for the professional people and students alike

To convert your backyard shed into a soundproof space, you need to assign a purpose to it and have an adequate budget that ensures its completion. Still, making a bullet-proof plan is the core of this operation and we hope our tips have provided you with a clearer idea of the common requirements and considerations shed soundproofing brings.

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