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Prevent your garden from garden pests

Posted on Jul 30, 2006

Garden pests damage the plants and therefore you need to keep a check on them. They can damage your plants tremendously. They can destroy your garden. Hence you should regularly check out for these pests. You should keep your garden clean. Cleanliness must be your first priority. A heap of waste can prove to be an excellent breeding place for insects. Make sure that there are no unkempt and uncared spots in your garden. Insects will flourish at these places and will ultimately damage your plants.

Garden pests are basically of two types. One type nibbles at the plant and take its parts into its system. Caterpillars and grasshoppers belong to this category. They have a fitted mouth to do this work. The other type sucks the juice from the plant. Plant lice and mosquitoes belong to this group. They affect the plants more severely. These insects get attached to the plant and then suck out the juice from the plant.

To get rid of the first category, you can use a poison spray. They will take this poison into their bodies along with the plant pieces. The commonly used spray for this purpose is the Bordeaux mixture.

However for the second group, you will need to attack the insects directly. Insecticides are sprayed on the plants directly. They attack the insects which are present on the plant and kill them.

Some underground insects like ant may also trouble you. To get rid of them you should be able to identify them and you should also be able to decide as to which insect is doing the destructive work. You can decide this by the work done and also by seeing the insect. Be sure of cutworms if you find the stalks of the plants are cleanly cut. Cutworms vary is appearances but most of the time they look like a grayish striped caterpillar. However it’s not easy to find them as they work mostly at night. It comes out early to cut the stalks of the hyacinths. He also attacks peas. To prevent your plants from cutworms you should put paper collars at an inch away from the plants. You can also use tin collars.

Plant lice are also very common. They are mostly green in color though they can also be yellow, brown or red. Lice stick to the plants and are thus easy to locate. They attach themselves to plants and can be easily found. Biting insects however hid after their work is done. It’s therefore difficult to deal with them.

Rose slugs attack rose bushes. They eat the leaves and leave out their veining. These soft bodied creatures are green from above and yellow from below.

Striped beetle has yellow stripes running laterally on its back. It attacks squash leaves and young melons. It consumes the leaves by making holes in them.

Slugs are common garden pests which can attack almost any flower and vegetable. You need to keep your garden clean else these slugs will flourish in no time. They lay eggs in waste heaps. They cause great damage to the plants. To find them, you can water the soil in which they are expected to be found. They will hide close to their host plant. Use clean lime water to water the ground. This will trouble them and they are bound to come up. So by doing this particular trick you can find out these common pests in your garden.

There are a number of plant pests also. Potatoes, cabbages, beans, all have their separate pests. You can find a large variety of pests in your vegetable garden. Lice, cutworm and slugs are commonly found in flower garden. Ants can also be found as the season advances. However vegetable gardens have a large number of pests which can destroy the vegetables completely. Tomato worm is one pest which is commonly found in the vegetable garden. It eats the young fruit. It’s a yellow colored worm which has green strips.

You can find a big, green caterpillar on celery. It’s identifies by its black bands. These bands are present on each ring or segment of its body.

Squash bug is identified by its slender and long brown colored body. It emits a foul smell when it’s killed and this helps in identifying them. Potato bug is a beetle which has a crusty back. It has black and yellow stripes on its back. The green cabbage worm is a small pest which can cause great damage. It’s basically a small caterpillar and in size it’s smaller than the tomato worm. These are the most common garden pests.

A number of insects, birds and animals can help you in getting rid of these pests. Toads can eat a large number of insects at a time. Therefore they can help in clearing out the pests from your garden. Earthworms dig the soil and make it fertile by keeping the soil open to air and water. Many birds like sparrows, chickadees, robins, orioles and meadow larks love to feed on insects. Ladybugs and the ichneumon-fly can also help you in keeping these pests away from your garden.

You garden should therefore attract toads and birds. To attract birds you should have a birdhouse in your garden. Grains scattered in the garden and a water place will attract the birds further. To attract toads you should prepare a retreat which is quiet, damp and dark because they love to rest in shade on a hot summer day. Keep a few stones beneath the shade of a shrub and make a carpet of damp leaves. The toad will love it and your garden will be protected from pests!

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