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Open air bathroom in the embrace of a garden

Posted on Apr 14, 2015

The newest extravagance when it comes to bathrooms is most certainly the open-air bathroom. Nowadays, this style can mostly be seen in hotels. If you travel to exotic areas where the weather is nice, be sure to check hotels that offer this kind of design. For those that are hooked on this particular lavish style, bear in mind that it is doable only in parts of the world where the warm climate allows it. This design can be achieved in your homes, especially if your house is spacious and you want a lovely view of your garden while you have a bath. Alternatively, you can even install an outdoor bathroom in the middle of your garden.


Before even considering this undertaking, you have to make sure that your privacy is not violated. You will need to surround your garden with either high walls or high fences. Fences are easier to install, but brick walls are more durable and require less maintenance. If you opt for traditional fences research the market to find the best material and be sure they are high enough and the dimensions are right. No matter the type on enclosure you plan on mounting up, both are very easily decorated with climbing plants. Although they may need a lot of time to grow over your fence or walls, the effort pays up in the long run as you will be adding the extra touch to your garden.

A view of the garden or an outdoor bath?


Personally, I would opt for a view of the garden. If there is ever a raindrop, you will be protected inside. The view of the garden is easily achieved with glass roofs, walls, and windows. You can create a flow of the transition between the garden and the bathroom with plants. You can even plant a small tree inside. All you need to do is make a wide and deep enough space, fill with soil and plant a tree. Other options include introducing large pots with small trees. The humidity in the bathroom makes a perfect surrounding for your plants. If you are more up for a bigger project, then installing a bathroom in your garden is the undertaking for you. You need to designate the part of your house that can be upgraded into an exit to your outdoor bath. You can shield your protruding construction with a roof. On the other hand, if you are blessed with living in a hot and warm climate, skip the roof.

The taps and the baths

Since the overall focus is on the greenery, avoid putting accent on small details. Choose simple tap designs for basins and baths such as hansa designs or any other that will serve the function and will not avert attention from your garden bathroom. The same principle goes for baths. A free-standing bath is elegant on its own and the best choice. If your bathroom is being installed in your garden, you can even go with hot tubs that are perfect for outdoor usage. The extravagancy does not end here. Some of the most flamboyant ideas may even include a fireplace next to your hot tub. As for the material of the bath tubs, be sure to opt for one that can withstand outdoor conditions. Tubs encircled with wood can also be used and will blend into the overall natural look.

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