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Making Your Garden Electrically Safe

Posted on May 3, 2016

Working in a garden is a demanding activity, no doubt about it, particularly if you like yours to be in perfect condition throughout the year. Every season requires different maintenance and areas of priority. Still, gardening is fun at the same time and, given the times we live in and the technological advancements, a lot of regular activities have been made easier with electrical equipment available. However, in order to use it properly, there are several essential rules that must be followed in order to use the electrical equipment safely. Here is the list.

The mother of all rules

The most important rule of all rules related to garden electrical safety is to not, under any circumstances allow water and electricity to come in contact. Every child should know why, let alone responsible adults, but severe consequences coming from not following this simple rule unfortunately happen every day. Wet conditions in case of rain or any other reason and direct contact with the ground itself put the risk of injury and even fatality to a much higher level that working indoors. Therefore, do not use electrical equipment until the ground is completely dry.

Mind the equipment

When you buy electrical gardening equipment, makes sure you buy quality products from a respectable manufacturer that comes with a guaranty. Saving a few dollars on quality can cost you much more if anything bad happens. Also, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to detail each and every time you use the equipment. Finally, use safety equipment if is required, keep the children away from it at all times and never clean or repair it if it is not unplugged.


Thorough inspection and regular maintenance

Your electrical equipment and the entire electrical installation in your home always need to be in perfect working order. Regardless of how careful and professional you are when using electrical equipment, accidents will happen if everything is not in tip-top condition. Therefore, make sure you regularly check all the equipment you use and service it on regular basis. The same goes for all the sockets and cables that are used to power the aforementioned equipment. Any crack or cut in them requires immediate attention and repair since it can mean the difference between life and death, say the people who own and operate Sydney Electrician.

Cables and connections

Operating a lawnmower, a trimmer or any other electrical appliance used in the garden requires the use of an extension cord. When buying one, opt for an outdoor use designed one from a renowned manufacturer and closely follow the instructions. Machines of different power require different extension cords in terms of electric load bearing. Pay close attention that it meets the requirements of the equipment you plan to use it for. Before using extension cables and equipment make sure they are in perfect state, along with all the connections and plugs and leave them as such once you finish the work. That means properly folded, clean and dry.


Garden lighting concerns

It would be a shame if you well-kept garden was not visible during the evenings and nights, as well. To avoid it becoming a safety risk thou, the following concerns need to be addressed. Just like it was the case with any other electrical equipment, buy your weatherproof garden lighting from a respectable manufacturer and at a respectable store. Have it installed according to manufacturer’s instructions, well maintained, free from dirt and regularly check the fittings, connections and cables for any damages.

Safety is all about prevention, particularly when electricity is concerned. As long as you use quality equipment, take good care of it and follow the instructions and safety precautions everything will be perfectly fine.

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