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Let It Thrive: Watering Your Garden Properly

Posted on Aug 23, 2015

Proper watering is an essential task when it comes to creating a lush, beautiful garden from your dreams. There’s no need to hire an expert and purchase expensive products, the only thing you need to do is to pay careful attention to your plants and their needs. Here are some of the best and most efficient ways how to do just that.


One of the most important aspects is to know when to water your plants. Think of it this way: In order for you to survive the whole day and maintain your energy levels, doctors recommend eating a nutritious breakfast. It is the same with the plants in your garden. Watering them early in the morning before the high temperatures, gives them time to supply themselves with water in order to withstand the heat. But also keep in mind the weather conditions and don’t water too much when rain is abundant, as there is no need to water them as frequently in that situation. You don’t want to drown your plants.

What Parts

Another big question, what parts of the plant should you water. The best way and actually the only proper way to go is to water the roots. Watering the leaves is just a waste of water as the root is the one that is supplying the whole plant. Also, wetting the foliage can be a cause of a number of diseases. Another option is to purchase a root feeder, that is quite a practical device, but you need to learn the proper way to use it. The best place to place the root feeder is away from the trunk, In order for it to work correctly.


What is the best way to water your garden you ask? Deeply and thoroughly. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that not every plant has the same requirements. So check the soil regularly and make sure that every plant has enough water. A good idea for maintaining your lawn is to invest in a sprinkler system that will get the job done properly. Oscillating lawn sprinklers have been known to be quite a useful tool, as you can set them up anyway you like and set the time when they turn on and off. Some other devices such as soaker hoses have been known to work wonders on vegetable gardens and flowerbeds.

Watering your garden and maintaining it the right way is crucial if you wish to create a magical setting in your yard. No matter if you are planting fruits or vegetables, flowers or shrubs, good irrigation is the key to a successful garden. So don’t think too much about hiring experts and professionals to do the job instead of you, there is no greater feeling than looking at something you did by yourself and knowing you did it well. So let nature take its course and with a little help from you, let it transform into something wonderful.


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