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Keeping up with Technology: Gadgets and Apps for Your Garden

Posted on Nov 23, 2015

If there is one thing that can be said about progress, it is that it leaves no stone unturned. Even modern gardening, botany and exterior decoration have been vastly improved by great technological advancement in the home improvement department in the last several years. Here are just some examples of things present day technology can do for your garden.

Organization help

First thing that right app can do for you is help organize your garden better. Like everything else that is worth in life, creating a perfect garden takes time. This lengthy process however, usually starts with an elaborate planning stage. This is where an adequate app can be of invaluable assistance. One of the simplest, most user friendly tools developed for this purpose is garden planner online. With the use of this cutting edge app, you can take something as ancient as gardening and add a note of 21st century to it. When taken into consideration all the advantages that this app offers, it is really an idea worth at least considering.



One of the first problems that our ancient ancestors encountered was the volatility of weather. Early botanists hated the idea of praying to heavens to provide enough water for their plants and crops to grow so they started devising a solution of their own. Because of this, irrigation is one of the oldest technologies known to man and it would simply be unfair for progress to leave it behind. The latest irrigation systems have timer valve pre-installed and coordinated with water supply, in order to achieve optimal performance. This way, water craving levels of your plants are always sated, and you water spending is reduced to minimum. All of this is made possible with cunning use of this marvel of technology.


Plant information

Since after all, plants are living beings every single species require completely different approach. This however, can create a serious problem even to some of the most experienced gardeners. Luckily for you, with the use of present day technology even this knowledge gap can be breached. First of all apps like Plantfinder, can help you successfully identify the plant in question. After this, you just need to browse one of the numerous online databases and learn all there is to know about its proper care and maintenance. This simple step might be all that it takes for your garden to become the pride of entire neighborhood.


Storage solution

Knowledge of botany is great, but alone it is not sufficient for the maintenance of your garden. You will need proper tools and solutions which all need storage. This is where again technology steps up. Although you can store your goods anywhere from shed to the garage, the way you do this is always of greater significance. When your hands are already full, what you don’t need is to worry about accessing all your gear. This is exactly why, you can make this entire process a lot simpler by installing remote controlled door. For this reason alone browsing Merlin solutions for your garage garden storage might help you immensely.

Pest repellents

Now, that you have done all to create a majestic garden, it comes the time to defend it. Numerous pests and parasites will try to destroy what you worked so hard to create and what you need to do is stop them. This is where a proper scarecrow can be of invaluable assistance. They come in different shapes, and realism of their design can often fool even the most perceptive humans out there. Some of them are even programed to produce owl sounds once their sensors picks up activity in your garden. Not only pest, but also burglar efficient feature.

There is no stopping progress, but this is in no way a bad thing. However, greatest scientific minds of today are not only concerned with solving big issues of 21st century, but also with finding new ways to improve the quality of our lifestyle. This means that with the help of latest technological accomplishments everything can be made better and simpler, even gardening.

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