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The Immense Beauty of Bohemian Gardens

Posted on May 16, 2015

 What is a Bohemian Garden?

Are you getting bored with traditional gardens? If so, imagine an explosion of patterns on your rugs, walls and lanterns, all arranged with very little regard to pre-set rules. After all, there are not any. Eclecticism is the word of the day when it comes to bohemian gardens. This trend encourages you to mix the vintage with the modern, and the only guides are your own tastes and whims. A tip – embrace asymmetry.

Decorative Greenery



You will definitely benefit from using succulent plants. Their fleshy appearance and exciting shapes will give your garden a feeling of liveliness and movement. Even if you are using traditional plants, you can arrange them in such ways as to give them a fresh new look. For potted plants, experiment with plant holders. And remember, the more colours you use and the more you’re willing to explore overlapping shapes and asymmetrical designs the closer your garden will come to being truly bohemian.


Outdoor rugs are unavoidable in this décor. In fact, this element, quite possibly the richest one in terms of variety of colour and wild motifs and patterns, will define the look of your outdoors to a large extent. Rugs and cloths of various shapes and colours will enrich pretty much any element of your garden. You can even adorn your garden paths with beautiful rugs.

Moroccan poufs, whose organic shapes are exactly what every bohemian is looking for, are a good alternative to chairs. If you do choose to go with chairs, though, feel free to use old ones. You want your garden to appear warm and welcoming. Using weathered furniture can help you achieve that feel. If you want them to have a fresh look, paint them a vibrant hue of your favourite colour. The same goes for hammocks, blankets, and pillows. No shape, pattern, or style of arrangement is forbidden. And remember, remain casual. Sometimes just throwing a rug somewhere you deem fit is the best strategy. If it looks great, your instinct was right.


Experiment with candle shapes and colours. Don’t forget that the variety of candle holders also gives you a lot of room for creativity. Also, the rustic, curved appearance of candelabra can only make your outdoors look warmer and friendlier.

You can achieve a similar effect with paper lanterns. These can be manipulated in a wide variety of shapes and they come in many colours. Alternatively, dust off your fairy lights and hang them around your patio. Unexpected elements make your garden come alive and that’s what bohemian gardens are all about.

Why Bohemian Gardens?

If you are a true bohemian, you already understand the value of arranging and keeping your garden in this manner. Mixing the old with the new and replacing the sharp and the square with the soft and the comfortable gives your garden an organic, warm appearance, making it a perfect place to sit down and relax with your family and friends. More than any other decorating style, it gives you free rein to express the peculiarities of your taste.


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