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How a good garden trolley increases efficiency

Posted on Nov 10, 2013

Autumn is already here and daisies are blooming everywhere. The foliage in your garden has already changed hues, and the dropping leaves ride the soft air current gently to the ground, painting the canvass with yellow and orange and rust. It’s like a dream, until it’s time to clean up and remove the piles of dried leaves and herbage. That’s when you need a good garden trolley.

Fall is not the only season when you’ll need a garden trolley, though. If you are the sort of person who wouldn’t like to see your garden turn into a wild and neglected junkyard, you’ll need a trolley all year around. It’s as important a tool as your shovel or weeder, or any other tool. A good garden trolley multiplies your efficiency in the garden by a factor of 10, at least. Here are a few ways how it does that.

Transport and store tools

You don’t have to make 10 round trips to the shed to get the tools and to put them back. If you have any serious plans about gardening, you’re going to need a variety of tools—shovels, hoes, forks, rakes, spades, diggers, weeders, pruners, and all. Your garden trolley serves as storage and transport for most of these tools. You don’t waste time looking for a tool because you don’t remember where you put it last time after work. All your important tools are always in the trolley when you are not using them. You transport them in a single trip to whichever portion of your garden you are going to work on.

Easy disposal of waste and fertilizers

You don’t have to walk 10 times to the disposal spot with shovels full of dirt, and then take time to clean the mess you made on your way. If you are going to replace the soil or put fertilizers in your flower beds, imagine doing it without a trolley. You’d look funny roaming around with shovels full of grime, spilling the contents on your way to the disposal site. How else could you remove dried leaves, dead foliage, and grime out of your garden? Look for a sack, may be; or use a bucket. Using a trolley, however, is the most efficient way.

Easy transportation of plants

You can easily transport 10 flower pots in a single trip. There may be 100s of seedling or small plants that you’re planning to shift or plant at different places. Without a trolley, there’s just no way for you not to walk for miles for getting those plants to the locations you need them at. A good, spacious, flatbed trolley, or even a wheelbarrow will multiply your efficiency 10x.

There are ways and tools for doing everything. For instance, there’s drill machine for drilling holes. You could drill holes with a hammer and a nail too, but it would be more difficult, shabby, and simply inefficient. A garden trolley is the right tool for transporting stuff in a garden, a tool for which there’s no other, more efficient replacement.

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