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Great Garden Design – Contemporary Inspiration for Outdoor Spaces

Posted on Aug 23, 2015

Gardens have traditionally been thought of as a place to unwind and get in touch with nature. But, this is where the traditional ends and the contemporary begins. You can still count on its serenity to offer you a calming retreat, but the looks of your contemporary garden are probably going to be quite different than the garden of the elderly couple across the road. The concept of a modern garden has a few distinctive features that refuse to have anything to do with the rustic and heavy ornamented traditional one. According to the rules of modern aesthetics, both hardscape and softscape are supposed to follow the guidelines of minimalism, and everywhere you look you’re going to see the materialization of the main idea that simple is beautiful.

Contemporary garden nook by Think Outside Gardens



Hardscaping all the way through

If you think gardens are still all about bees and flowers, think again. Of course, we are not saying that nature is not allowed into your backyard, but if you want to go contemporary, you will have to think about hardscaping big time. Polished look, clean lines and streamlined appearance are paramount. The organization of the hardscape is crucial. Be careful not to create a place with a lifeless, dehumanized appearance instead of a place to enjoy your free time. On the other hand, it is safe to say that your contemporary garden will be low-maintenance, allowing you to spend your time actually enjoying it, not grooming it.

Rose is a rose

The overall tendency is to go with the architectural plants with green or grey foliage. Forget that messy look and embrace the structural planting. Subdued colors are a must, but you can allow an occasional glimpse of color. You can set a couple of your planters strategically and make them a center of attention or you can let the plants completely blend in with the hardscape, but try to have at least a couple of them that will maintain that natural look to soften the overall appearance.

Great timber seating arrangements in your backyard by Think Outside Gardens


From Stone Age to space age

Natural stone is still widely used as a paving material, due to its beautiful simplicity and a somewhat harsh look that resonates with contemporary aesthetics. If you choose to use concrete patio in your modern garden, you probably shouldn’t color it to look like something else. That natural look is what you should try to achieve. On the other hand, you can go with man-made, industrial materials, too. Combine the two to get just the right look.


The artist inside you

The contemporary garden design as is supposed to have that refined look and to represent an extension of the indoor space, just like contemporary garden design from Sydneyhas. Maybe you haven’t decorated the inside of your house according to the latest style, but now you have the opportunity to bring out your inner artist. Look for inspiration in the works of contemporary artists and adjust their vision to your personal taste. Geometric shapes are a common theme, especially rectangles, triangles and spheres. There are endless possibilities to employ them and make stunning visual effects.


Futuristic furniture

A pair of eye-catching sun loungers in bright colors is a great choice if you want to stir things up a little. Depending on the way your personal preference, you can choose bold pieces that will complement the contemporary garden setting or go with the traditional furniture that isn’t just comfortable, but also has that inviting look to it that the rest of your garden may lack. Just steer clear of the heavy ornamented pieces and instead choose something simple. You can have it custom made if you really want to make a statement. Now is the time to implement all those crazy ideas. Enjoy your contemporary garden!Bottom of Form

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