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Grass-Friendly Ways to Clean a Garden Path

Posted on Aug 3, 2015

When you have a concrete pathway, it is important to keep it clean and grime-free. Of course, you do not have to wash it every single day, but occasional cleaning job will do it good. However, it is also vital not to harm the grass around the pathway and preserve it from chemicals and dangerous substances that are most often used. These are soaked into the earth and can seriously damage your back yard. That is why you should consider using alternative cleaning methods and here are some tips that might help you.

Tools and Materials

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Before starting, you should obtain all the tools and materials you need. The former include a good broom – any store-bought will suffice or you can even make your own – as well as a powerful leaf blower and a hose. Finally, find an effective power washer and a scrub brush for a more detailed work.

When it comes to materials, stick to green and sustainable solutions and try not to use the choices that simultaneously damage your hands and harm the grass. Therefore, choose an eco-friendly detergent, and, since this project requires a lot of water, use rainwater.

Prepare and Begin

After you have collected all the tools and bought necessary chemicals, you are ready to start. First of all, clean all the dirt, mud, leaves, grass and debris from the sidewalk and prepare it for cleaning. Unless you do this, your efforts will be useless, so spend a few minutes with a broom or a leaf blower.

After this, spray the pathway with water and wash away dried grime and mud. In order to be completely successful and effective, use a high-pressured hose, but do not spray water onto the grass – a fast flow and excessive amounts of water are among the things that can damage it, especially if it was planted recently.

Cleaning with a Powerful Yet Subtle Device

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After carefully preparing your pathway for cleaning, pick the right machines for the job. One of the best options is steam cleaner – if you have large paved areas or pathways made from a sensitive material, you can even use a commercial steam cleaner. Not many people know that these are not used just indoors, but are also good for outdoor cleaning jobs and provide satisfying results.

Another effective option is a power washer and you should pick a kind with a high-pressure low output. This is the safest option that washes the concrete yet remains gentle to the grass. It is easy to control and handle so you can point it at the dirtiest and most problematic areas of the path.


After deep-cleaning the garden path, it is time to take care of some smaller things and finish the job. Use a brush to scrub away the remaining bits and pieces, but, in order to really remove all the grime once and for all, alternate between the brush and the hose. Only with a combination of water and scrubbing will you be able to really finish the job.

Finally, if you have stubborn grime or dirt, use a detergent on a brush and scrub the whole area. Just make sure the detergent you use is eco-friendly and gentle to your hands. Wash everything away with water, and that, basically, is it!

The Benefits

A thoroughly cleaned pathway is not just aesthetically attractive and nice to look at, but also adds a touch of elegance and class to your home. It might be the first things your guests notice and something they will surely remember. Furthermore, by cleaning it monthly, you ensure the longevity of your path and, in the end, allow the grass to grow grime-free.

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