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Giving Back: How to Start a Community Garden

Posted on Apr 30, 2016

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The idea of community gardening has been present and implemented for a long time. People’s need to communicate and cooperate with their neighbors on such a constructive and productive level with a common goal in mind is surely something that needs to be nurtured and praised, particularly if the outcome is as beneficial for all the participants as it is for the environment itself, which community garden certainly is. If you are intrigued by this noble idea, this is how to start your own community garden.


High Point Community Garden by Symi81

Principal requirement

Before starting anything it is important to understand that a community garden is something that will require a lot of work and dedication and time, energy and funds investment. It does not happen overnight either and it usually takes a couple of years to have a fully built and flourishing garden. Therefore, the principal requirement that needs to be taken into account is a continual presence and participation of at least three to five people and of course the land it will be built on. Let us discuss them.

A planning and execution committee

Your neighbors are naturally the first people you need to address when it comes to organizing a group that will be present through all the development stages of a community garden. The leaders of the community should be informed as well and their influence used for any potential problems regarding all further steps. Start by working on all the documentation, construction and maintenance details and everything related to placement of the products of your community garden.


Slow food eat-in at Brooks Park in San Francisco by Kevin Krejci

A type of garden

Choosing a type of community garden is another important initial step since it has a crucial impact on all the steps that follow, particularly the site choice and gardening equipment needed. A vegetable garden, a flower garden, or a combination of both for that matter, require different things. Organic gardens require a special approach, as well. Therefore, take your time and consider all pros and cons of every type of community garden before you make a final choice.

Finding a proper site

Easiness of access, a source of fresh water, healthy soil and six to eight hours of sunshine make a great community garden site. Safety of gardeners and audience and volunteers that will regularly be present is another important concern, as well as the availability of parking spaces nearby. Flat surface completes the list for a perfect site. Bearing this in mind, take a detailed tour of your neighborhood and find the best possible location.

Prepare the site

It is highly unlikely that you will be able to find such a site that enables community garden construction without serious preparation. Cleaning the land is the first step. Rubbish removal Sydney based companies note the special importance of proper green waste management in preparing the site for building a healthy community garden. Next, test the soil for all nutrients it may lack. Finally, decide on plot arrangement and design and arrange the site accordingly.


Seek advice

Community gardening is becoming more and more prominent all over Australia. If you need any advice on garden design, maintenance or placement of products, to name just a few, feel free to ask those who have been into the matter for a long time. A Directory of Australian community gardens is constantly expanding and by joining the network you will be able to share your experience and seek advice.


Everything starts with an idea and a will to implement it. Bear in mind that a community garden will succeed only if everyone involved participates with equal rights and responsibilities. Building your community builds your garden and the better relationships you have within the committee the more fruitful and long-lasting your garden will be.

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