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Garden tools are a must for your garden

Posted on Jul 21, 2006

Plant enemies destroy your plants so you need to protect your plants from them. To get rid of plant enemies you can use a number of devices and instruments.  These instruments can be divided into two categories. The first category includes those devices which are used to provide mechanical protection to plants. The second group consists of devices that are used to apply fungicides and insecticides.

Covered frame is used for providing mechanical protection to plants. This frame consists of a wooden box which is covered with protecting cloth, glass, mosquito wire and netting. The dimension of the box is 10 inches to 2 feet square and eight in height. The glass and cloth which are used in the frame retain heat and protect the plants from the cold. They are used with melons, cucumbers and other vine vegetables to get and extra and early safety cover.

Tar paper collars, tin, stiff or cardboard are also used to protect plants such as cabbage or tomatoes. These devices protect the plants from the cut worms. The tar paper collars measure several inches in length. They are put around the stem and penetrate an inch into the soil.

Powder gun is available for applying poison powders. It should be applied using a single implement only. Hand-power air sprayers can also be used. These sprayers are used to apply wet sprays. They have different varieties of mist making nozzles. Cloggable automatic type is probably the best of the lot. It is good to use a barrel pump or mounted on wheels when the work is extensive. Both are capable of doing a large amount of work in a little time. For spraying vines and tress, extension rod can also be used. If the work it small, you can use a hand syringe. However it will be better to have a small tank sprayer which sprays continuously. It can also store a large amount of the spraying solution. A brass machine is must because other machines which are made from cheaper metals corrode quickly due to the action of chemicals and poisons used in them.

For harvesting in a small garden, you only require the basic equipments like the spade, spading fork and prong hoe. Other devices are not needed as they require horse power and long rows to be used economically. The onion harvester can be attached with double wheel hoe and this can be used for loosening beets, onions, turnips and many more. It can also be used for cutting spinach. To get deep growing vegetables like carrots, parsnips and others out of the soil, you can run the hand plow close to either side of these vegetables. The wire fingered fruit-picker can be used for fruit picking from tall trees. It has a long handles and it especially used with long trees. However with the use of low headed tress its use has declined.

A sharp jack knife and a pair of pruning shears is used in pruning. These are capable of handling all the required work.

Stakes, wires and trellises are those garden devices which are used for supporting the plant. They make the garden look neat and make cultivation easy. They can last for years if stored properly in winter months.

Before buying the garden equipments, you should go through all of them. Don’t worry about the price of the equipments because they help your plants in the long run. Poor quality equipment may not be able to fulfill the requirements. Don’t throw away the tools after you buy them, keep them nicely, this will increase their life. You need these tools to make your garden perfect. So don’t hesitate in spending a few dollars on these garden tools!

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