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Garden security 101

Posted on Jun 25, 2015

When it comes to the safety of your own family and property, no detail is insignificant. Most people probably believe that all one can do to secure him or herself is to buy the most expensive alarm and surveillance system, lock the doors, close the windows and this is it. Nothing can be further from the truth. There are many things to consider when the general safety of your home is in question and here the exterior and perimeter can sometimes be as important as the locks and cameras themselves.

Many people do not know this but your garden, if unattended or designed with little regard for safety, can pose as a significant security breach. This however does in no way mean that there is simply nothing you can do about it. Here are some tips and advices in how you can make your garden a significantly safer place by following just few simple steps.



Design your garden carefully

What this means is that when designing and planning your garden you should also have in mind the safety of your home. This means that you should avoid planting trees and shrubs in a way that will create dark places in which any potential intruder will find it easy to hide. Still, this does not end when you plant the trees and shrubs. In order to prevent this hazardous thing from ever happening you need to carefully maintain your garden and prevent it from ever becoming a serious security breach.


Gravel pavement is your friend

When it comes to the idea of transforming your home into an impenetrable fortress a gravel pavement is your friend and ally. Apart from making a clearing where it will be easy for you to spot anyone sneaking up to your home, making a gravel pavement creates another advantage that will surely discourage any potential invader. When threaded upon, gravel makes a specific noise that cannot easily be mixed with anything else. There is a significant chance that upon realization of this, your intruder will be discouraged on its own and if not, you will be on alert in no time. Set up a gravel pavement around your home and feel instantly safer.



Setting up fences and gates

Now it’s time for things to get serious. Garden safety is not only about robbers or other kind of intruders, it is also about protecting your garden from large pests which can also potentially be a danger for you and your family. Especially if you have small children this is not something that you want to allow under any circumstances.

Create a protective fence all around your estate and make it even more secure and burglary proof by installing a secure gate. The strength of your gate depends on the material and quality but it can be made even more secure by installing a quality lock. Renowned Apex locksmiths from Randwick can set up the locks and thus ensure that you can sleep soundly in your, now completely secured, home.

The safety of your property can come at a higher or lower price but the safety of your family is something on which you simply cannot put a price tag on. The safety and security of your home is a thing with which you do not want to gamble with and there is no better and more efficient way to do so than to protect not only your home but also its surroundings from any unwanted elements.

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