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Essential décor accessories for taking your garden to the next level

Posted on Jul 15, 2015

Sitting on a plain deck or on the edge of a lawn that seems never to end is no one’s idea of garden time. With a sufficient amount of cash or free time, you can make landscaping marvels in your backyard that will make heads turn. However, if none of above is realistic, or you are renting the place so any big time projects are out of the question, there are many ways how you can accessorize your outdoor space and give it more personal style.

Flower pots


These are the most productive garden accessories. Not only can you pick interesting designs, but it is the blooming flowers that really bring them to life. Woven planters made of all-weather wicker combine beautifully with overhanging plants, and vivid flowers like lilac, bright red or yellow. If you are looking for a more classic look, invest in a pair of Florence or Parisian style urn-planters, and set them on the beginning of a pathway. Ideal for ferns and Mediterranean plants.

Garden fountains


This is a bit more expensive but very much more rewarding accessory, which can animate with your idea of a perfect harmonious garden. Animal elements like water horses, frogs or stylized fish are great if you have little kids, but can be unbelievably stylish and bold. Some designs allow for water plants like water lilies, palms and hyacinths. If you had something more traditional in mind, you can opt for a four-tier Florentine or Calabrian fountain.

Fire glass, burner pits and fire pits

Fire and Light

Your garden continues to live throughout the night too. And you should exploit the charms of the refreshing summer eve to the full, by arranging a suitable lighting fixtures. Alternatively, add a burner pit to your garden to achieve that luxurious décor. If you want to sway away from expected lanterns and vintage patio bulb party lights, you can make some of these fixtures yourself. Squeeze the whole length of yellow Christmas tree lights into an interesting glass jug, and you have an elvish lantern with torch bugs trapped inside.

Zen garden

The Zen

Another inexpensive way to spruce up your garden is to decorate it according to Zen principles. The rough idea is that two opposite halves are necessary to make a whole. A Zen garden seeks to implement as many of these opposite pairs. A blossoming tree near a rock formation – one that changes through seasons and transpires and the other that is persistent and permanent. Or a vertical green trellis besides a winding stone path. Zen gardening typically yearns to imitate and reflect nature, while Western influence wants to subdue it.

Bird feeders

Bird Haven

Feed a bird once, and you feed it for a day. Teach it to come to your feeder, and you fed it for the lifetime. Joke aside, brightly colored and chirpy songbirds are truly a living accessory to anyone’s garden, such that it cannot be copied and simulated. Make them feel at home by erecting a gazebo bird feeder or regency style birdbath that can be a centerfold for a small flowering island in the midst of the lawn. Some of these birdfeeders will also attracts squirrels.

These are the examples how with a little creativity, your garden can really make a difference with accessories only. Besides gardening specialized retailers, visit flea markets and thrift stores. You never know what may come up.

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