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Easy Hacks for Greening up Your Garden

Posted on May 21, 2015

Apart from being decorative, a well-maintained garden often has many benefits to the homeowners. Unlike the inside of your house, the garden is a living thing and needs regular care in order to flourish, especially between seasons. If you provide it with a kind of care it needs, it will reward you tenfold.

How to Lay out a Garden?

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Garden is the first part of your home that people see as the come closer to your house. A lot of things can be said about the house and the people who live in it by looking at its garden. In a way the garden is the front page of your home, so make sure that you remove dead plants, leaves, plastic bags and tools once you finish with gardening. Hoverer little space you have, make sure you use it smartly. Maybe you won’t be able to plant all the plants and trees that you want, but you don’t need cluttered garden at the end of the day.

Garden as the Reflection of the House

It is important that you make a seamless transition between the garden and your house. You shouldn’t place marble plates for walkways to your Ranch Style or Queenslander home, claim Sydney-based suppliers of quality pavers. A good way to smoothen the transition between your garden and house is to adorn paved balconies and patios with large potted plants.

Variety of Plants

As I said your budget and the size of your garden may limit the number of plants you wanted to put in, but that is one reason more to do a good research and select plants that will be best for your particular case. Plants with larger leaves will give it more luxurious and tropical feeling, while short and gentle flower plants wouldn’t be the best option if you have a pet, as it will probably eat them sooner or later. The weather in your region as well as sun exposure need to be taken into account. If you plant flowers that need a lot of sun in shade or you simply live in area with a lot of rain, they will never grow as spectacular as on Pinterest.


A tree can be seen as a good investment that will provide you with long-term returns with increasing interest. However, you don’t want to bite more than you can chew, so try to estimate the final dimensions of the trunk and crown so you can see whether it will fit into your garden over the years or not. You also don’t want much shade as it may smother other plants and primarily the grass. A smaller tree you can put in a corner of the garden or in a more confined space, for example between the house and the fence. Trees should be pruned regularly, along with the favorite autumn chore – raking the leaves.

Eco-Friendly Watering

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I order to save drinking water and keep the water utility bill low in hot months, install a barrel where you will collect rainwater. Rainwater is has an ideal chemical composition for watering the plants as it contains more oxygen as in warmer than the tap water, which is often treated with chlorine.

To cut the long story short, you should see your garden as an inseparable part of your home. Try not to overcrowd it with plants and trees, but use the space smartly and in unison with the rest of the house. Doing so, you will have a true outdoor paradise for years to come.


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