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How to create your perfect night time garden area

Posted on Nov 17, 2014

The best way to make the most of this nice weather is to experience the outdoors whilst you can. Outside areas in your home are the perfect place to host a dinner party, relax, or enjoy time with your family. Creating this outdoor space can often be seen as expensive and time consuming, however, it is easily done, and you can have it ready just in time for the summer. Whether it be lighting, decking, plants or grass, a garden can be made unique and personal and you can create the cosy garden that you’ve always wanted. Small gardens are often easier to make cosy as you are restricted to a smaller space which enables you create an enclosed area in which you can personalise to suit your own needs. However, having a large garden gives you the advantage of still having a garden for your children or pets to play around in but you can also choose a small corner or part of your garden where you can create and enclosed private area, which is out of view from others.


Lighting is often key for a garden and especially if you are trying to create a comfortable and relaxing area. If you have dim lighting shadowing down onto the enclosed area it automatically creates a feeling of a wall that is perfect for the cosy garden you are trying to create. If you are thinking of having decking installed into your cosy garden area then lighting inside it, shining across the floor, creates a feeling of warmth and belonging. Lighting is one of the main features of making a garden cosy. Dim lighting is perfect to create a Moroccan inspired area. If you prefer not to have electric lighting in your garden then a fire pit or chiminea could be perfect. As well as creating light, you are also able to create heat. Both fire pits and chimineas are effective as they save a lot of money and are perfect for socialising. A fire pit would be best suited for people who didn’t have children, as it can be a dangerous.


Whether it is rectangle or circular, having a table in your garden can instantly create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. If you are using you’re outside area for dinner parties and socialising, this can create a relaxed feeling and it gives the chance for conversation to begin. Holding a dinner party in your garden is always an excuse to use specific table decorations. These can include fairy lights, table decorations and patterned cushions. Adding these small touches can add to the cosy feeling that you are trying to achieve.


Creating an enclosed feeling around your garden area is not only ideal if you are in a built up area but also if you are in the countryside. When a certain part of a garden is closed off from the rest it instantly creates a secluded feeling and ultimately this cosy aspect of your garden is simple and cost effective. You can achieve this privacy by either having fences around your chosen area or having bushes and grasses growing high. Even though fences may be the easiest option and it instantly allows you to have the privacy you are after, grasses and bushes can look natural and they will look great teamed with some of the lighting mentioned above. Even though grasses and plants will look great, it also takes time and effort to keep them maintained throughout the year.


Seating can sometimes be difficult if there are often many of you socialising in one space at a time, as numerous chairs can often look odd. As you are trying to create a comfortable and relaxing environment, large wooden or wicker sofas with cushions can often be the solution. Also, if they are low to the floor, it creates a sense of warmth and is also close to, if you choose, your chiminea or fire pit. If you don’t have the budget for large furniture, beanbags are the perfect answer.

Creating a cosy garden for either winter or summer doesn’t have be expensive or time consuming, in fact, if you spend an afternoon just re arranging parts of your furniture in your garden you can create the ideal place to have a dinner party and relax.

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