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Chosen Shrubs Carefully

Posted on Oct 7, 2006

Shrubs should also be chosen carefully. In a group, you should have some shrubs which bloom early, some which bloom late. You can also have a shrub for its fruit and another one for its attractive color. To add beauty to the bunch, choose a shrub for the beauty of its fall foliage. The forsythia and spireas blossom early. Dogwood has a red bark and its color stands out in winters. The beautiful red berries of the barberry adhere to the shrub in winter months.

Hedges stand out in comparison to a fence. Some shrubs are especially used for hedge purposes. The Californian privet is most commonly used. Other shrubs which are used for making good hedges are Osage orange, buckthorn, Japan barberry, Van Houtte’s spirea and Japan quince.

You must choose a tree or a shrub from your locality. Plants from foreign lands may not be able to adjust well to the new surroundings.

So you need to remember few things about landscape gardening like lawn space should be free, trees should be carefully chosen and well placed, and flowers should not clutter up the front yard. Paths can be straight or curved but they must lead somewhere. Never mix the formal and the informal garden. You can start with the formal one and then mix the informal when the work is complete.

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