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We believe that there are plenty of things budding gardeners needs to know in the world of gardening. When it comes to the tips, techniques and advice on gardening, we know that sky is the limit and almost everyone has something to say.

There is absolutely nothing more satisfying and enjoyable than growing vegetables and fresh fruit in your garden and this means there is certainly a lot more involved than you might expect. If you feel you too would like to contribute on our website by sharing something unique, interesting and appealing from the world of gardening, we welcome you. Share your ideas with us and with our readers and we will be more than happy to publish them at the earliest possible opportunity, should we find the need to do so.

Once we have published them, you can also spread the word on your Facebook and Twitter accounts and you know it’s ultimately going to look fantastic to our readers!

You are also welcome to provide us more details on your first name and email address (so that we can contact you), should you so desire.

Please note: We also expect our contributors to have a look back at their published posts from time to time so that they can instantly respond to any questions/concerns in the comments section. We expect our contributors to answer all of them with patience and perseverance as we value our readers as much as we value our contributors.


Guest bloggers wanted

We are looking for guest bloggers who can contribute to our website dedicated to exploring various facets of gardening and everything related to flowers, plants and vegetables. If you feel you have the zeal for writing on gardening (and related subjects), you are welcome to share your ideas, advice and tips on gardening with our readers who share similar interests.

We have a strong belief that we are all creative in our own unique way and we just need the right platform to showcase our talents. We know that our website has lots to say to the gardening lovers and without you, this is not possible! We encourage all guest bloggers to visit our website and take a look at the kind of blog posts we have been publishing so that they can get an idea on what we really are into!

Join us as a guest blogger and share your creative self on this vibrant platform where we talk all and all about gardening and everything thing related to it. We are more interested in seeking individuals who are not just limited to one post commitment but can also come up with zeal to write more for our interested readers in future.

Interested in joining our gardening blog community? Great! Please mail to us at the earliest chance!

Become an author

We are quite aware that there is really no greater source of information on gardening (that we deal with on our website) than our website visitors! We are looking for interesting, informative and unique article and posts on gardening. If you are interested in becoming an author on our page, please feel free to fill out the form below.

Please read our guidelines and our ground rules to learn more on how you can get involved.


We can’t and would never compromise on the quality of content and we are seeking ONLY unpublished and unique content! We value original blog posts suggesting the unique experience of the writers. We also welcome informative blog posts on gardening and something that is exciting to read. We value your blog posts more if they sound appealing from tip to toe!

We don’t want our short and crisp list to restrict your creative juices. There are so many things to write about and you can really come up with something that’s even absolutely creative and unheard of on the subject of gardening! We would appreciate that by publishing them right away!

Write headlines that you feel best describes your post. Please include a photo/image that you feel can go along with your post on our website. You can also send more than one image and we may add them as well or upload the ones we feel would go suitable with your post.

Our editorial guidelines

  • We may also edit your post before we let it go live so that we can ensure consistency as well as quality on our website. However, in case of major changes we may also inform/ask/request the writer.
  • We reserve the right to decline your post, particularly if we feel that it doesn’t match the vision, content style and the overall persona of our blog.

Our ground rules

We only have a few simple ground rules that we want you to be aware of:

  • We don’t permit negativity; please bear with us on the fact that this is a place where we intend to inform, educate and also entertain our readers.
  • We seek to shape a platform that is a place for inspiration and encouragement for all others. We expect our authors to follow and help us materialise such trends on our pages.
  • We may not accept posts/articles that do not match the tone of our website.

Ready to get started?

Please mail us with the subject/topic you are willing to cover in your post/article. If we like it, we would encourage you to send over the content. You must also let us know how you expect us to contact you!

Describe the “crux” of your post/article that you wish to write on or are willing to submit with us.


Write for us

We are looking for high quality, engaging, non-published and appealing posts/articles for publishing on our website. If you feel you have anything interesting to share with us on gardening (or anything related), please feel to connect with us at the earliest.

We also want to indicate that we may not be able to publish every blog post/article or respond with an instant YES to every content that reaches us but if we can’t publish it now, we shall let you know when we are finally ready to use it.

We are strictly seeking for content that isn’t published anywhere before. We also hate PLAGIARISM! We value and encourage originality and quality and we believe that the fate of content on our website stands on these pillars. Hence we can’t compromise on these! You will also note that writers who are original with their posts/articles have a better future on our website.

You can also send us images/pictures that you feel go best with your post/article and deserve to go LIVE along with your content published on our website. We may or may not use them but we will keep our writers informed at all stages of development.

We value your post/articles and if well feel we can’t publish them, we will surely let you know so that you can get them published elsewhere, if you wish! However, you are most welcome to write for us again in future.

Have a look at our published blog posts/articles/guest posts and they can better tell you about the kind of posts/articles that have huge chances of going live on your website.

If you have any concerns, queries of questions regarding the content publication, you can connect with us today!

Please email to us today and we would be happy to talk more!

Submit an article

We are looking for original and high quality articles on gardening and related topics. With a special focus on uniqueness and informational content on the same genre, we are also looking for articles that are appealing and engaging for our gardening lovers and readers.

Sounds interesting? Great! Please take a look at our guidelines and ground rules before you proceed with submitting an article with us.

What we are looking for – in your articles?

  • We are looking for high quality articles and are more than keen on accepting the unique and informational contents right away!
  • Our readers are keen on hearing about anything that has to do with gardening and the topics related. We seek to provide proper information in the most appealing and easily understandable language.
  • We don’t have any strict guidelines regarding the length of the articles but we are always open to discussing them. Exceptions are possible.
  • We may or may not edit your articles and that would depend on the need to match your content with our website’s content style and its overall tone.
  • You are also welcome to send us pictures along with your post. However, we reserve the right to make the final decision in this regard.
  • We don’t encourage publishing your posts/articles more than once. All our posts are unique so no duplicated allowed.
  • We are also not looking for articles/posts that are too promotional in nature. You must understand that spamming is not our aim.

Please feel free to connect with us and we shall be more than willing to answer your queries and concerns. Reach us at our mail id today!


Submit a blog post

We welcome you to submit a blog post on gardening and anything related to gardening.  As you can see, we are dedicated to exploring various facets of gardening on our website; we are always on the hunt for high quality and original blog posts on gardening. We have a special inclination for blog posts that are highly engaging, crisp in style and appealing.

Does this sound good? Then please take a look at our ground rules and guidelines before you write for us.

What we look for in blog posts

  • With a special focus on quality and uniqueness, we are always keen on accepting unique blog posts that are not only inspiring but also of an informational nature.
  • We are looking for blog posts written in a good standard of language. We are more interested in blog posts that intend to educate as well as entertain.
  • We are more interested in blog posts that have substance rather than just length.
  • We may also edit your blog posts for grammar and to make it a good ‘match’ with the style of our blog.
  • Even if we are unable to publish a particular blog post of yours, we will encourage you to come back to us and write for us at a future date.
  • We welcome our bloggers to send us pictures along with their blog posts. However, we would also like to mention that we reserve the right of approving them. We may also replace them with a suitable image/picture and would be keen on discussing everything related with you.
  • We don’t actually publish a particular blog post more than once. We are not interested in re-publishing of blog posts as we value uniqueness so if you are looking for re-publishing of your posts, we are not the right people to connect with!
  • We post only unpublished and unique posts. Duplication and plagiarism is a no – with us!
  • We are also not looking for blog posts that encourage spam or are too promotional in nature. Such blog posts are liable for rejection.

Please submit your blog posts with us at our email id. If you have any queries, please connect with us today!

Submit a guest post

If you are looking to submit your original and high quality guest posts on gardening, you have come to the right place! We are looking for informational, non-published, unique and engaging guest posts on gardening (and anything related).

Does this sound interesting to you? Great! Take a look at our blog post guidelines and a few ground rules before you finally proceed with submitting your guest post/s with us.

What we are looking for – in your guest posts?

  • Quality and uniqueness matters to us and we are always on a hunt for educational, well written and informative guest posts.
  • We are also looking for guest posts that are ‘easy’ and ‘appealing’ in style. However, exceptions in language and style are possible and may differ from one subject matter to the other.
  • Length of the guest posts can be discussed.
  • We may also edit your guest posts for grammar and style to make it compatible with the other contents on our blog. Guest posts can also be edited in order to keep them in sync with the ‘vision’ of our website.
  • We also welcome you to send us images/pictures to go along with your guest post. We can also provide images to your guest posts we think are more suitable. However, we intend to keep our guest post writers aware of the developments at each stage before a guest post finally goes live.
  • We are not interested in re-publishing your guest posts. We shall not publish them more than once so please do not approach us for republishing!
  • We are also not interested in guest posts that are either too promotional in style and nature or seem to be spammy! Such guest posts are liable for rejection.

Please free to submit your guest posts with us. Reach us at our id in case of any queries, concerns or questions.

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