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Basics for a good garden

Posted on Aug 15, 2006

The spot for the garden should be carefully chosen when you are making a garden. You should try your best with the resources that are available to you. You can either have no garden or a box garden. Of course having a box garden is better than having no garden! Sunlight is the most essential factor in choosing the right spot for a garden. People do not prefer north corner. Though ferns, begonias and some wild flowers grow in north corner but they are seldom used as a garden spot.

Southern exposure is ideal for a garden. Sun rays reach here all through the day. In such a garden, the flowers and vegetables rows should run north and south. They will thus have sunlight from the eastern side in the morning and from the western side in the afternoon. There’s no place for lopsided plants in this scenario.

In a garden facing southeast, the rows of vegetables and flowers should run northwest and southeast. They will get maximum sunlight if they are arranged like this.

The sunlight should be evenly distributed and it should be available for the longest period of time. The poor growth of window plants shows the importance of sunlight. To make things clear, you can draw a diagram and make out as to which part will get sunlight in a particular part of the day.  Southern exposure is considered best as there’s equal distribution of sunlight to both the parts. Almost no sunlight is available in northern exposure. There’s uneven distribution of sunrays in northeastern and southwestern places.

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