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Barbecuing in Your Garden – Prepare for the Occasion

Posted on Oct 24, 2015

There is nothing more pleasant than an afternoon barbecue with some of your closest friends. This beautiful yet casual occurrence is sometimes exactly what you need after a long week at work. For this reason, you owe it to yourself to make every barbecue you attend into something really special. Like with any great meal, great portion of the pleasure depends on the visual stimuli, so you need to carefully prepare everything, even the decoration. Here are some tips on how to best organize your Sunday barbecuing.



Compose a guest list

Regardless of the occasion, 90% of the party depends on who you are going to invite. Naturally, the number of people you can count on for a Sunday barbecue is not that large. This means only the closest circle of friends and family. However, this also makes your job so much easier. Because you already know everyone so well, you will be aware of any allergies or personal preferences. Surprise your friends by preparing some of their favorite meals or by getting their drink of choice. They will certainly come to appreciate this gesture.


Prepare yourself the day before

It is never a good idea to start preparing just prior to the commencement of the actual event (regardless of what this event might be). This is why you need to ensure everything is ready and prepared for the Barbecue an evening before. Get everything you need set and ready the night before but most importantly make sure you have all the kitchen appliances to for preparing the meal. Having the right tools is essential regardless of what you decide to do in life, and barbecuing is not an exception.


Acquiring additional supplies

Now for preparing barbecue, everyone will remember to get the meat, however you would be surprised how easy it is for some people to forget about things like barbecue drinks, salads or sauces. Same as with other preparations, get the drinks and the ingredients the day before. When it comes to salad, prepare it an hour or so before you start barbecuing. This way it will still be extremely fresh when you bring it to the table. Some of the most popular barbecue side dishes are salads like herb potato salad or tomato salad with pickled onion.



Preparing the backyard

As we already mentioned, visual stimuli are very important so apart from food, barbecue area decoration should be important as well. The number of ideas here is limitless. Cover the table with your favorite cloth, exhibit your silverware and (since after all you are in the garden) use as much flowers as you can for decoration. If this barbecue is going to take place in evening or later in the afternoon, include some lamps, lanterns or candles to the mix. All of this will only enhance the ambiance further.

In the end, remember to have a good time. Preparing your garden for a barbecue is not an exact science, so go with whatever makes you most comfortable. The best thing about occasion like this is a fact that casual is always the right way to go. Enjoy!


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