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Add a Fusion of Asia and Mediterranean Style and Create a Dazzling Patio

Posted on Jul 11, 2016

To prepare your patio for summer – sunbathing, cocktails and get-togethers with friends, start by selecting the right outdoor furniture. You don’t have to a be a design expert to convert your outdoor space into a much-loved room. Outdoor furniture online retailers offer all types of looks, designs, qualities and materials in their selections. Buying the set that suits your space best takes a bit of time and research, so give yourself the necessary amount of time to choose the dining or lounge set that tickles your fancy. Eventually you will find an outdoor set that will give you that wow effect and a high level of comfort.

Take matters into your own hands and awake your inner designer. If you’re feeling uninspired, take advantage of all the classic styles that already appear around the world. There is so much existing beauty in the world that it would be a shame not to find the inspiration you need.

Bring a slice of Italy’s Capri island in your backyard

Known for their immaculate fashion, strong principles and a lifestyle by the sea with a bottle of wine and pasta, it’s no wonder that some of the most famous designers in the world are Italians. And one small piece of heaven in Italy’s west coast is Capri, which is also one of the most popular summer vacation destinations. Influenced by the unbelievable nature and scenery that includes white sandy beaches surrounded by rocks and the deep blue sea, everything here screams modern Mediterranean. Meaning: nuances of white combined with fresh tones of brown, peach, pumpkin, spiced with touches of blue or green.

Beautiful Vine Covered Patio and Chairs with Country View.

Beautiful Vine Covered Patio and Chairs with Country View.

To replicate this look, when looking through outdoor furniture online offers, look for lounge and seating sets with an iron frame. Iron frames are sleek and very elegant in their appearance, especially if you get something ornamented. They may not be the most comfy when it comes to seating, but if you combine them with outdoor cushions you’ll get a dream combination: elegant furniture and comfort! Don’t forget the candles! Candle light creates the perfect outdoor ambiance, accentuating your patio area.

A colorful Santorini island of your own

Santorini is probably most famous for its color combination of white, deep blue and all the nuances of pink flowers that can be seen in parts of this heavenly island. Those pink rose vines complement every home and street and give a certain charm to the overall architecture. Take it from Greeks here: concentrate on wood as your primary choice of furniture material, and make sure it’s white. If you can’t find white outdoor furniture online, make sure you get wooden furniture of high quality that you can get re-painted in white. The effect would be especially powerful and realistic if the patio floors are also white. Get cushions for seating, whether it’s a dining set you’ve chosen, or a nice lounge set. Think deep blue or pink cushions to break the monotony of the white and to bring in the familiar Greek charm. You can also add in a hammock if you have the space; just make sure the ropes are accentuated, as they’d complement the overall sea-like ambiance perfectly.

In-touch with nature – East-Asian style

Nothing says serenity, peace and calmness more than Eastern style. Asians are highly connected with nature and respect it in all forms and ways, which is easily visible in their interior and exterior design patterns. That makes it very easy to use some elements of Asian culture to create your own little Eastern oasis in your backyard. Think bamboo chairs and tables. If bamboo isn’t available to you, go with timber or wicker.

Beautiful front porch hefe

When aiming to get that Eastern magic in your backyard, choose unusual and unconventional pieces of furniture. Focus on pieces like a simple table made entirely of timber, and decks made also from timber and no back support. These can also be decorated with outdoor seating cushions. If you’re more into a dining set, make sure you stick with timber or bamboo materials. As for the choice of colors, go with a lot of neutral tones like beige, white and very soft brown nuances, like gold. If you want something stronger, go with earthy tones like very strong brown, or even black. Of course, there should be a lot of green tones provided by the plants that should also be carefully chosen and planted around the seating area. And naturally, Asian influenced decorations: sculptures, large vases, pots and similar. All that should work towards an overall picture of highly sophisticated calmness, which means no pops of screaming colors like red, pink or yellow unless they’re flowers in a vase.

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