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5 Ideas for a Garden Spa Oasis

Posted on Feb 20, 2016

We would probably all agree that there is nothing as enjoyable and relaxing as sitting outside and sipping our favourite drink, far from city rush. Having your perfect protected garden spa oasis is definitely the best way to do that, simply because staying at your own home and enjoying its peace is absolutely priceless. It doesn’t get better than that, and if you are interested in creating a perfect spa retreat on your own, here are some ideas for you.

outdoor spa and landscaping

Hot Tub Heaven

Relaxing after a long day is highly required, and you are very lucky if you already own a hot tub in your garden. It is actually a double pleasure, since you will have an opportunity to get pampered while enjoying fresh air and privacy of your home. If you are planning on building a hot tub outside, you should know that it can be organised either as a part of a pond or pool, or individually, with the help of big stones for a natural look. There are also numerous styles you can look up to, such as ancient Greek or rustic, and it should be based on the overall decoration of your backyard.

The Power of Light

Garden lights should be strategically placed round the area, in order to create evening atmosphere. It would be the best to use solar-powered lights, and if you have a summerhouse at your property, try using them round the entrance. For the most romantic ambience, you can add small candles to glass jars – these will provide the soft light all around the place for the very intimate atmosphere. Even electronic candles which run from small batteries can be very useful here.

Your garden spa and friends

A Private Bar

Convert your old garden shed into the private bar just for yourself – and head straight to it after work. No matter whether you will complete it with beer and dartboard, or with cold-pressed juices and large pillows in the corner – the most important thing is that you find your peace in it. Even an old tool shed will do the trick – convert it into your comfortable oasis by lining the interior for insulation and decorating it according to your personal taste. It will get even better if there is electricity available, so that you can have a small fridge or juicing machine for your own needs.

Grand Designs

Put down paving or gravel surfaces that are appropriate for your overall garden theme, and decide on the sort of outdoor furniture you would like to have. It is always a good idea to pick those which can be left outside all year round, such as cast-aluminium or hardwood benches and tables, that won’t be destroyed by rain and bad weather. Besides that, you can also incorporate your little summerhouse into the scheme. A splashy fountain is a great piece to have, too, especially if you enjoy the sound of moving water.

Beautiful garden spa design

Fabulous Spa

A backyard that is big enough simply calls for the perfect spa retreat, which is why you should contact licensed pool builders and spa distributors in order to see if they have outdoor spas for sale at good prices. They will provide a professional help with choosing the perfect one for your place. This option may cost a lot of money, but trust us – it is a great investment, especially for those who desperately need to lay back and spend some time pampering themselves far from overcrowded and hectic city lifestyle.

Once all of these features are incorporated into your garden, you can be sure that it is completely transformed into a peaceful oasis perfect for a spa getaway. Just make sure that no television or radio is allowed, in order for you to be separated from the noises of the main home. You will realise that all the effort was definitely worth it.

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