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5 Gardening Trends for 2016

Posted on May 27, 2016


The gardening scene is up and changing: this year, garden design is geared toward sustainability and connectivity. From pallet furniture and neutral color scheme to smart lighting, sustainable gardening features, and dedicated apps, 2016 gardens rock a tech-savvy, eco-conscious guise, and gardeners are loving it. Let’s take a quick look at the top five 2016 gardening trends, shall we?


1. Sustainable haven al fresco: Eco-safe outdoor furniture


Backyard of family’s cottage by Chun Kit To

Outdoor furniture is a hot aspect of 21st-century gardens which is changing in line with the need for long-term garden sustainability and reduced household environmental impact. Natural materials such as stone and wood are hip in outdoor décor this year, and pallet furniture ranks at the top of eco-conscious garden design trends. Characterized by casual vibes and versatility, DIY platform furnishings crafted from pallets are easy to upholster, repurpose, and maintain, and they are also budget-friendly and durable granted proper upkeep and protection from the elements. In addition to that, pallet furniture can look exquisite paired with an outdoor fabric with a cool print or in one of the trending colors.


2. Keep it eco-friendly: Sensible water management


Garden by Beavela

As the climate continues to shift, more and more gardeners are waking up to the dangers of water scarcity and embracing the concept of sensible garden management. A sustainable garden requires careful species selection, thoughtful planting scheme, and eco-friendly garden features such as rainwater harvesting units and rain gardens. This year, gardeners who want to stay on the utmost side of green are grouping plants based on species-specific water requirements, adding fresh layers of mulch to their plots, and tapping into water-sensible garden layouts and smart apps such as Dropcountr and Rain Harvest for reduced H2O waste and maximum resource utilization.


3. Soothing and stylish: Trending garden color palette

5 Gardening Trends for 2016

Backyard flowers by Ginny and John Woods 

Pastels and neutrals are all the rage both in interior and garden design. Toned-down garden color scheme inspires tranquility, balance, and harmony, as reflected in furnishings and water-resistant fabrics in various shades of white. Pastel hues such as beige, soft green, grey, and Pantone’s rose quarts and serenity can be deployed in gardens to achieve a sense of unity of indoor and outdoor areas, but accent pops of olive green, navy blue, and dark brown are still on the table as they can help produce a tasteful contrast and spice up the garden look.


4. Green fingertips: Tech for a 21st century garden

An increasing number of gardeners are turning to smart devices for plant specifics and garden maintenance guidelines. We live in a world where 24/7 connectivity is a norm, so it comes as no surprise that advanced tech is present in all aspects of everyday life, gardening included. Popular gardening apps range from charity- and giveaway-oriented ones (such as,, Sharing the Bounty, ripenear.meSeed Swaps, Seed Libraries, and Friends with Flowers, to name just a few) to educational ones such as Sprout it and mySoil which provide valuable information on plant cultivation, species-specific soil, water, and sun requirements, compatibility with local climate, soil pH, texture, temperature, and organic matter, and other relevant gardening details.


5. Light for darkest nights: The year of smart garden lighting

5 Gardening Trends for 2016

Patio lights by Sarah Sosiak

Garden nights are no longer dark and full of terror, because smart outdoor and landscape lighting features have finally gained full-scale momentum. LED bulbs, lighting systems integrated with mobile apps, and solar lights provide an eco-friendly alterative to conventional garden light systems, and they also allow gardeners to personalize their area al fresco and reduce long-term utility bills. With remote-control option in the mix, homeowners can now adjust light intensity and color scheme straight from a smart screen without so much as crossing their doorstep.
2016 gardens are cool, smart, and chic. Still using hardback gardening manuals, incandescent lights, and cultivating your plots like your grandparents used to do back in their day? Make the green switch before it is too late to max out crop yield.


Featured image by Akuppa John Wigham

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