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3 Reasons Your Workplace Should Have a Fruit Box

Posted on Sep 12, 2013

We’re constantly being bombarded with messages about how “we need to eat 5 portions of fruit and veg. per day”, that office-based careers are bad for our health and that we’re all eating ourselves into an early grave. The problem for busy professionals is that eating healthier can be hard work, while it’s not like we can just quit our jobs to try and take up a more active career is it?

Fortunately there are simple changes we can make to our everyday lives that can improve our health and diet for the better. Benholm fruit boxes are a great way of introducing healthy eating to your workplace – and can also brighten the place up a little bit – but there are more benefits to these ingenious products than you may have realised.

Reduce Workplace Sickness

Workplace absence is one of the biggest causes of lost revenue in the UK economy, and it is exacerbated by poor diet and health in general. In fact, a staggering 131 million working days were lost due to sickness in 2011 – that’s 359,890 years worth of work!

People who contract a lot of minor infections like the cold or flu could generally benefit from a higher intake of vitamin C, and fruit is a fantastic source of this, particularly kiwi fruit, raspberries, blueberries and citrus fruits.

Research has shown that people who eat a lot of vitamin C have 34% fewer sick days, so by investing in a fruit box you could see significant improvements in workplace absenteeism.

Boost Employee Energy Levels

The benefits that come from having a workforce that is alert and full of energy cannot be underestimated. Energy levels are a major factor in staff productivity, while feeling tired can also negatively affect morale – another key element in productivity.

By making fresh fruit readily available you will give your employees the chance to improve their alertness as well as enjoy all of the advantages that comes with that.

Reduce Stress

There is plenty of research that shows that having a diet that includes plenty of fruit can help to reduce stress levels – particularly oranges (vitamin C) and dried apricots (magnesium).

The implications of workplace stress cannot be overplayed, with productivity, morale and health all at risk from high stress levels, so it makes sense for employers to embrace any opportunity for reducing its effects.

Studies have shown that vitamin C helps reduce stress and return blood pressure and cortisol levels to normal, while the magnesium found in dried apricots is a natural muscle relaxant as well as a stress-buster.

As an employer you have a responsibility to all of your staff to ensure that they are happy and healthy at work. With the number of benefits on offer from the provision of fruit boxes in the office, it is a simple and low-cost way of improving how your employees work.

This post was written by John Rooney on behalf of Benholm – providers of office fruit boxes
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